What is Dualcopy?
Dualcopy don't have any funcionality by itself. Is a helper application for copy/move your files with two of the best copy programs for Windows: Teracopy and Fastcopy.

Why use Dualcopy instead of use directly Teracopy or Fastcopy Interface?
Teracopy or Fastcopy are great programs, but IMO their interfaces can be improved. The main goal of Dualcopy is make easy for you to choose a destination for your files.
For that purpose, Dualcopy has several options for you.
  1. Favorites Menu.
  2. Recent Menu.
  3. Monitoring of file managers
  4. Monitoring of clipboard.
How to install Dualcopy?
Dualcopy dont have a installer. Only unzip the folder anywhere on your disk and run from there.(You need permission to write in Dualcopy folder so maybe C:\Program Files are not a good choice because you need to be Administrator to write there).

So... Dualcopy is fully portable?
Yes. Dualcopy save all his configuration in ini files inside his own folder, but if you choose install Shell Extension you can´t move Dualcopy folder because Shell Extension would fail to work.

I Install Dualcopy Shell Extension and now I want to move Dualcopy folder. How I do it?
Before move Dualcopy Folder do the following procedure:
  1. Launch Dualcopy as Administrator 
  2. Un-install Shell Extension 
  3. Reboot your system
  4. Launch Dualcopy again as Administrator
  5. Install Shell Extension.

I launched Dualcopy, added some files to copy and now what?
You have to choose a destination for that files. Can be favorites or recent menu, or simply double click in the folder list what Dualcopy offers to you based in monitoring other programs. I your target folder is not in any of this sources you have a Destination button to choose the folder you want. But the main goal of Dualcopy is what you use the less possible this button. (because that is like use Teracopy or Fastcopy interfaces) ūüėĀ

How configure the Dualcopy options?
Simply open dualcopy.ini (in the Dualcopy folder) and make the changes you want.
Strong advice: dualcopy.ini is heavily commented for describe all your options. Maybe open it in Windows notepad or similar is a bit confusing. Use a editor like Notepad++ , PSPad, or Akelpad (with Sintax Highlight plugin) what have different colors and highlighting for ini files. With this editors you have a clear view of the different options and his proper use highlighted in different colors.

I launch Dualcopy, added some files, chose a destination and nothing happens?
You have to configure where Teracopy or/and Fastcopy exe are. Simply open dualcopy.ini and in [Teracopy] and [Fastcopy] section configure the path of the copy programs. 

How I configure the Favorites Menu with my Favorites?
Simple open the file fav.txt (in the Dualcopy folder) with your plain text editor of choice, and add your favorites folders. For make submenus for grouping favorites only indent with {tab}.
Dualcopy has a dummy favorites file to show you a example of how to build a favorites menu for yourself. Simple replace this dummy entries with your favorite folders.

How many recent used folders appears in the Recent Menu and how I disable that menu?
Dualcopy remember all your previous folder choices and offers you a Recent menu to use it again. The number of entries in the recent folder is configurable in the dualcopy.ini file with the parameter Maxrecent. If you dont want this recent menu only make Maxrecent=0 in dualcopy.ini

I only use one program to copy. Why I have what configure two programs?
You don´t. Simply in dualcopy.ini make the parameter AppList=Teracopy or Applist=Fastcopy. Dualcopy only would use that program for all your copy/move operations.

What are the pinned folder and why appears other folders in the the pinned section?
Dualcopy allows you to pin any amount of folders for a fast access in the main window. After you make PinFolders=1.The list of folders pinned is configured in the section PinFolder in dualcopy.ini.
Besides you pinned folder of choice, Dualcopy alllows you to pin the last n entries of the Recent Menu. Configure the amount of Recent entries pinned with the parameter PinRecent in dualcopy.ini.. Default is 2. If you dont want any recent used folder pinned make PinRecent=0

What is the Shell Extension and why Dualcopy says me what i need Administrator Rights to install it?
Shell Extension is a way to add functionality to Windows Explorer. Dualcopy has your own shell extension to make easy for you to access the program for copy any file or folder selected in Windows Explorer. Only right click any file or folder and choose Dualcopy. That file or folder would be added to Dualcopy list.
There is a way of using Shell Extension and bypass the Dualcopy GUI for fast use:
- If you press Shift key when click in Dualcopy Menu Item of Shell Extension the GUI is bypassed and start to copy/move to the last destination used.
- If you press Ctrl key when click in Dualcopy Menu Item of Shell Extension the GUI is bypassed and start to copy/move to the first pinned folder.

I dont want to give Administrator Rights to Dualcopy. I dont know you and dont know what Dualcopy can make to my system. Can install the Shell Extension without Administrator rights?
Good for you. You dont have to trust on any person what offers you a free program in the Internet. Wise choice. Sadly to enjoy the convenience of a Shell Extension you have to be Administrator to install it.
For you Dualcopy can make a link in the Send To folder. That way if you want to copy a file or folder in Windows Explorer only right click --> Send To --> Dualcopy

I use Everything search tool but Dualcopy not shows the path selected in Everything window?
In Everything you have to go to Tools --> Options and select "Show selected item in status bar".

I use Locate32 or Copernic or nnnnnn search engine. Can Dualcopy monitor them?
They are hundreds of programs to index your files, and Dualcopy can´t monitor all. For that is included the option of clipboard monitor
Lets say what you use Locate32 for index your files and folders. If you want to select your destination folder in Locate32 (based in a search for a folder you want), simply make the search in Locate32, select the folder in the result list (or could be a file in that folder also), and Ctrl+C (copy to the clipboard). Dualcopy automatically displays that folder as a destination choice.

- I upgrade to 1.1.0 and the Alt+S shortcut for Full History Search don't work.

They are a conflict between that shortcut and the shortcut for Skip All Options for Teracopy/Fastcopy. The solution is edit your Dualcopy.ini and replace all instances (2) of &Skip for S&kip