martes, 10 de octubre de 2017

Dualcopy is a helper application for copy/move your files with two of the best copy programs for Windows: Teracopy and Fastcopy.
Dualcopy don't have any funcionality by itself. It is a better interface for this two programs, adding Favorites, Recent Used Folders, and Monitoring other apps like Everything, Total Commander, FreeCommander and others.
His main goal is make easy for you to choose a destination for your files.
His main features are:

  • Favorites menu: Easily configurable only by a text file with a list of your favorite folders. Include submenus to group your favorites as you like.
  • Recent Used Folder Menu: Dualcopy remember the last folders used and make a menu for easy access. The number of folders in the History is configurable by you.
  • Pinned folders: You can pin any folder (and folders in your history too) for fast access.
  • Monitor file managers: Dualcopy can monitor several file managers (Total Commander, FreeCommander  & Windows Explorer) and display that folders like a destination for your copy/move operations. In addition Dualcopy also can display the folder selected in the excellent search engine Everything and any folder o file path copied to the clipboard.
  • Search ALL destination paths used sometime for further use (Alt+S).
  • Full Unicode support.
  • All configurable by a ini file: Dualcopy store all his options in a ini file. So is fully portable.
  • Windows Shell Extension: for easy access to Dualcopy from any file or folder in your file manager install the Shell Extension (32 or 64 bits). If you dont want to install a shell extension Dualcopy can make a link in the Send To folder automatically.